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Rubén C.

Lois González

Professor in Geography

Research Lines

Urban Geography
Cultural Geography
Regional Development
Urban and Regional Planning

Professor of Geography at the University of Santiago de Compostela, in the Department of Geography and Town and Country Planning. Specialist in urban and cultural Geography.

Director General for Tourism of the Autonomous Galician Government (2005-2009), Dean of the Faculty of Geography and History (2003-2005), Director of the Euro-regional Study Centre (CEER), an organism for scientific cooperation between the universities in Galicia and the northern region of Portugal (2013-2017).

Guest lecturer at universities in France (Le Mans, Caen, Toulouse-Le Mirail), Norway (Bergen, Finmark University College), Canada (Calgary, Lethbridge) and Brazil (Federal de Bahía, Federal de Sorocaba, Estadual de Feiras de Santana).

Principal draft researcher for the Regional Atlas Project for the 2020 Strategy from the EU. Director in a cooperation project with Africa.

Person in charge of the Competitive Reference Group, ANTE (Territorial Analysis), at the University of Santiago.

Director of 25 Doctoral Theses, some of these in co-supervision with the Universities of Barcelona, Porto and Paris I-La Sorbonne.​

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